Our Story

About Us

Rimagined was started as a movement to promote an ecosystem for conscious consumption while creating livelihoods for women in the urban poor and rural sectors.

Urban India today is the 3 rd largest waste generator and poised to become the largest waste generator by 2025. We are using up new resources at a rate that we cannot sustain.

Given this consumption lifestyle around us while using up our limited resources, we wanted to create a consumption pattern where by buying a product on Rimagined, the consumer is helping pull away waste from ending up in landfill. This, while supporting the women who are trained to create these beautiful utility products.

Our Working Model

In this journey towards making an impact, we have many designers who have partnered with us and sell their creations through Rimagined.

We also create various Rimagined label products through the various self help groups that are part of our network across the country. Here we train these women to design, create a wide range of upcycled products.

The Rimagined model operates on 2 pillars – Are we upcycling Waste and Are we helping livelihoods

By purchasing on Rimagined, you can make an informed choice.