What We Do

We have a dream – a dream to ‘Promote Upcycling in Everyday Life’. We’ve resolved to use and reuse materials until they’ve lived a long, fulfilling life. By strategically rerouting usable waste back into the consumer cycle, we can significantly minimise lasting ecological damage. We’re constantly reimagining the world around us. In this effort, we’re supported by a number of individuals and companies who share our vision.

We’re always looking to unearth the next designer with a great product line made from waste, and partner with us on Rimagined. All this, so we can support a curated selection of upcycled products that are sustainable and ethically-manufactured.

Personalised gifts

Do you have an old sari that holds lot of memories for you. Old but you don’t have the heart to give away. We can help you create some personalised products using that. Give it a new lease of life while keeping your memories intact. Reuse old things, shall we ?

Corporate Gifts

Looking for some interesting upcycled gifting ideas, mementos, decor for your office space, events and employee gifts? All this and more can be created for you while you improve your green footprint. We can design and create some products to meet your specific requirements. Recycle and transform, shall we ?

Furniture Transformation

Got an old piece of furniture that you love but which also needs a makeover ? Let us know and we will help you give it a new look. No need to throw it away just because it does not go with your decor. Instead, let us work together and transform it to match your decor. Reduce buying new stuff, shall we ?

Got any other requirement ? Reach out to us at contactus@rimagined.com.

Together we can Rimagine a wasteless world

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